The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: Alaska Dog Works


It took just about a month to get all the paperwork in order and filed with the State to do business as a foreign entity in Alaska. That simply means that our corporate structure will stay at our headquarters in Colorado while we “do business as” Alaska Dog Works here. As many of my rabid readers, clients, fans and friends know it is a goal of ours to open up Dog Works Training Center’s in every state and have qualified, professional, competent business people offer the best dog training in the world. We are getting there. We are legally registered in three states now and have filled the formal paperwork as a trade name with the government. Think Coca-Cola and McDonalds. We are not offering franchises. Far from it. We are offering business opportunities to those individuals that want to make a difference in the world of our family pets and working dogs.

So on Friday, my first day as a small business owner in the great state of Alaska, four clients have called and been retained. That is a heck of a day! Pretty soon the schedule will be filled and I will be forced to put people on a waiting list because I am a one-man show for the foreseeable future. My goal is to be in Anchorage three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday’s. The remainder of the week I plan on continuing my training for the upcoming Iditarod qualifiers and getting the house in ship-shape. What a project both of those are becoming!

If you would like to have one of the best trained dogs in Alaska, let me know. I will guarantee you that nobody in the state is offering the kind of training I am and I found that out very quickly meeting my new clients this past week.

Heck, I will even fly to you on an “air taxi” if we can work out the particulars.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please comment below.

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Robert Forto is the host of The Dog Works Radio Show and is the training director of Alaska Dog Works. Robert Forto can be reached through his website at