The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: 31 Days of Horror

The Future Home of Iditarod Dreams: 31 Days of Horror

Every family has some sort of tradition. That is what makes us unique from the rest of middle-class suburbia in the middle of Americana with hot apple pie and the mini van in the driveway. Some of us go all out decorating our houses like Clark Wilhelm “Sparky” Griswold, Jr. and others have a spread on Thanksgiving that could feed a small country in Africa.

But at the Forto household we do something a little bit different. Every October we have what we call the 31 Days of Horror! it is a virtual fright fest every night of the month. Every night we watch a horror movie on the ole’ idiot box. Sure we could be doing other things like chores and homework and nightly sit-in’s around the old Emerson Radio listening to Little Orphan Annie.. but nooooooo we watch HORROR!

This all started when I was a kid and my dad (my parents were divorced at the time, I wonder why…) would take my brother and I to all the scary movies of the day: Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Friday the 13th Part 1 to 1000! and when we would stay over we would watch Creature Feature on the tube. Oh I used to love those sleep-overs!

Some of the classics we watch every year like…



The Creature From the Black Lagoon

Halloween of course (both John Carpenter and Rob Zombie’s version). I will say that I think that Zombie’s version of the tale is some of the best the horror genre has to offer.

I watch my all time favorite The Exorcist and even named our new pup after the main character (Reagan)

We watch our share of Stephen King: Cujo and The Shinning

and we always end the month with one of the greatest horror flicks of all time…

I encourage you to start this tradition in your house. If you like to be scared and enjoy a good flick this is it!

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter and each night I will post the movie of the evening and you share yours as well.

Day 1 Movie: Trick ‘r Treat

Day 2 Movie: The Exorcist

Day 3 Movie: Nosferatu

Day 4 Movie: White Zombie

Day 5 Movie: The Serpent and the Rainbow

Day 6 Movie: Creepshow 2

Day 7 Movie: The House of 1000 Corpses

Day 8 Movie: The Blob

Day 9 Movie: The Devils Rejects

Day 10 Movie: The Shinning

Day 11 Movie: The Omen

Day 12 Movie: The Thing

Day 13 Movie: Embrace of the Vampire

Day 14 Movie: (Stephen King’s) Desperation

Day 15 Movie: Dracula (1931)

Day 16 Movie: The Wolfman (1941)

Day 17 Movie: The Amityville Horror

Day 18 Movie: Frankenstein (1931)

Day 19 Movie:  Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Day 20 Movie: Halloween (1978)

Day 21 Movie: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Day 22 Movie: The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Day 23 Movie: ‘Salem’s Lot

Day 24: Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007)

Day 25 Movie: Dracula (1992)

Day 26 Movie: Stephen King’s Needful Things

Day 27 Movie: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Day 28 Movie: Rob Zombie’s Halloween II

Day 29 Movie: Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Day 30 Movie: Friday the 13th


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