The Exorcist (1973) | 31 Nights of Horror Challenge

For this year’s 31 Nights of Horror Challenge, the Day 10 prompt was For the Kids. Since I watched the new Firestarter last night, I could not go wrong with one of my favorites of all day, The Exorcist (1973).

A visiting actress in Washington, D.C., notices dramatic and dangerous changes in the behavior and physical makeup of her 12-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, a young priest at nearby Georgetown University begins to doubt his faith while dealing with his mother’s terminal sickness. And, book-ending the story, a frail, elderly priest recognizes the necessity for a show-down with an old demonic enemy.

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Our Thoughts on The Exorcist

Stunning visuals, effects, and overall horror for 1973. The characters are very strongly portrayed, and the feeling of hopelessness is ever-present throughout the movie. Even though some scenes are shocking and provocative, there is also a strong element of the uncanny present. This very haunting movie still shocks, amazes, and intrigues me after all these years.

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