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Okay, okay, I may be a dork but with the breadth of technology that is literally in the palm of our hands how could we not all dream of being the next George Jetson?

I have also been drunk on the Apple juice for far too long. My iPhone is going 18-20 hours a day–texting, Twit-facing, You-tubing, surfing and occasionally even ringing.

While I love to find new apps, I have hardly even scratched the surface as to what is available.

But I found one about a month ago and I need to rant and rave about it for a bit

It is called IntoNow

IntoNow has got to be the coolest app on the app store. It is a couch potatoe’s dream. The technology is nothing short of amazing.

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According to their website: “IntoNow makes engaging with your friends around your favorite television shows easy and fun. Just tap the green button when you’re watching and IntoNow will identify the show, right down to the episode. Once identified it’s easy to share with friends on Twitter or Facebook.”

How do they do this you may ask:

Its called the sound print platform. For those of you that have tried Shazam for music, you know exactly what I am talking about.

SoundPrint is what is known as a fingerprinting technology. Some how they have developed a way to quickly identify a show based on the audio on your It is magic!

I have used this app at least 200 times in the last few weeks and it only got one show wrong and that was because the guy narrating the show does other shows as well!

[Download the app here]

Check this out–SoundPrint by the numbers:

4-12 seconds of audio to make a match

130 channels of live television

266 years of video in the index

2,610,000+ individual airings

You have got to check this out. It is ultra-cool!

What is your favorite app?


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