The cattle train to the Great White North

Picture this: you are at 37000 feet on a red eye from Denver to Anchorage. Babies are cryin, lights are blaring and the stewardesses, flight attendants, or whatever they are called these days are passing out our “complimentary” .5 ounce (14g) of gourmet snack mix.

The balding overweight, rayon shirt wearing, tourist is sitting diagonal from me sippin on an Alaskan Amber that he paid at least 6 bucks for and alternating with a chaser of Cranberry Cocktail. If you have ever had an Alaskan Amber you know it’s one of the smoothest, easiest drinking beers you can get.

This guy must either be a lightweight or he’s starting off his trip off right by experiencing the local flair. Kinda like going to Hooters
if you visit (god forbid) Buffalo, I guess…

But what’s more interesting is he’s holding his petit snack and eating it like a little squirrel.

I amuse easily I know.

But I have to admit that the cranberry juice did look refreshing and I’m nursing my 3oz cup like I’m in the middle of the desert  and it JUST may be the last drink I ever have in my life.

The snack is tasty too. Even though it amounts to a small handful, it does contain yummy pretzel sticks, corn chips with flax seeds!, and
cheddar corn sticks.

Gotta love the cattle train to the Great White North!

Tell us about your recent treks on the friendly skies.

More to follow…