Super Swarm Sunday Badge on Foursquare for the Super Bowl

Foursquare this afternoon released more information about their Super Swarm Sunday promotion with American Express and Pizza Hut. At the end of the post, they threw out one more tidbit of information: yes, there will be a badge this year.

This year’s badge will be a Super Swarm Sunday badge, featuring the usual swarm badge design, but the bees are replaced by tiny footballs. It doesn’t appear there’s any connection to the NFL for 2012, so you won’t see separate badges for your favorite team or for actually attending the game.

You’ll be able to unlock the badge when you check in to the worldwide “Super Swarm Sunday” venue from the foursquare app. It will begin appearing a few hours before the game and will be active for the remainder of the night.

Foursquare’s servers have come a long way in the past year. Hopefully we won’t see a repeat of last February when they saw numerous instances of downtime during the game brought on by the crush of people checking in to earn their badges.

Foursquare has come a long way in the last year. Take the Super Bowl for example: 130,000 people checked in last year during the game. Since then foursquare’s user base has more than doubled. With the combination of a compelling special (who doesn’t love pizza?) and a badge, we should see even better numbers this year.

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