Stoppin grounds of a 6 year old

I grew up in Huntington, West Virginia. At least until my mom and dad divoced and we moved to North Carolina and I became a military brat. This is the first time I looked up my old stoppin grounds on Google Maps (see below).

Its hard to believe that the tree we planted in the front yard is still there. It was just a little sappling then. Now 35 years later it reaches the sky.

Just across the street lived my “Pa” Eaton and behind him lived my aunt and uncle, and behind them lived my grandparents.

Back then, even as a six or seven year old, I cruised the neighborhood up to the corner store–called Stop ‘N Go back then. That would NEVER happen today! I would go across the street through the school parking lot to the ball field and I remember my dad teaching me tennis on those old worn out courts.

At the ball field I remember sitting in the stands waiting for my little league game to start in my little hat and jersey. We were the orange team. A pop fly flew over the backstop and hit me square on the noggin. I think that is what is wrong with me today!

A lot has changed in the last four decades but as I look at this map many of the things are just the same.

Share your old stoppin’ grounds and share a story from your childhood. I would love to hear them…