Rock n Roller 17: Silverwood

We arrived at about 4 am in Seattle on our red eye from LA. We were exhausted but knew we needed to press on. We had a long drive across the state of Washington to our next park, Silverwood in Idaho. We fueled up on coffee, beef jerky and some new fangled bee pollen energy pills from a side-of-the-road gas station. I remember way back in the day when I would traverse the country in my little 280z they used to sell honest-to-goodness speed pills in the gas stations and truck stops across the country. I admit I have had my share of No-Doz with a chaser of bad, 15 hours old coffee that tasted like a burnt stick.

The drive over was beautiful. we went over the Cascades and drove for a long while along a raging river and stopped for a bit about mid-way to look at the gorge. We passed through Spokane and took a side road highway for the rest of the way into Idaho and beyond to the little theme park. It is truly in the middle of nowhere and sits next to a large RV park. I can imagine the locals taking week long trips to camp and enjoy the fun.

The park is beautiful with wonderful flower arrangements everywhere. What I thought was the coolest part was they have this little movie theater that shows scary movies at night while you munch on pizza. Too bad we are never at the parks long enough to do stuff at night. It is always ride the coasters, walk around, grab some grub and possibly drive a 1000 miles to the next park at night.

We drove all this way for just two coasters, Tremors and Timber Terror. Both woodies and a lot of fun. Both were fast and shaky, just like I like them. You know, the feeling like the train will fly off the track at any moment. We skipped the other coaster, Corkscrew as it is just a clone of many others across the country. But of course we had to ride the log flume.

Later we grabbed the biggest ice cream cone we have ever had. It was like a half gallon of ice cream on top of a cone. I could barely eat all of mine. We then headed over to the carousel. It was a beautiful old merry-go-round.


We jumped back into the car for a long drive down towards Montana. As we were driving through Missoula we remembered our friend Renee lived there and texted her about places to grab a bite to eat, being that it was late we didn’t expect her to join us for dinner but she did at a local Cracker Barrel. We have known Renee for a long time and she is someone that I admire very much. It was fun to catch up and we had a nice evening. It is always cool to meet up with people as we travel around the country. With social media you can literally have friends in all four corners of the country and it is fun to finally put a real person to the profile, if you know what I mean.

The next day we would make the long drive towards Denver and have our rental car almost blow up on the way into Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Stay tuned!

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Coasters to date on the tour: 21

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