Rock n Roller 16: Radio show and Lake Compounce

We are in New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley to meet with a good friend of mine that I have never met. Her name is Dorothy and she is known as the Five Sibes Mom in the Internet world. She is very active in the doggie community and she and I host a show together called The Sibe Vibe. We have been hosting this together for almost four years and have not met until today.

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Our live show was held in the lobby of the motel at the Poughkeepsie Inn. We even had a live audience–Dorothy’s friends and family came down and we had a guest that runs sled dogs in New York City! It was a great time with lots of pictures and hugs. I am glad we included this in our trip.

After the show we headed up river to Kingston where Dorothy and her family and Siberians live. We hung out for a while and got to know the dogs. I have heard so much about these dogs over the years it was fun to put faces to the stories. We had lunch at an awesome BBQ place along the river. The fried chicken was fabulous.

We were back on the road by 3 and headed northeast toward Connecticut. We listened to The Pretty Reckless, this band would come into play toward the end of the tour–just wait, as we drove through the Valley. It is a beautiful part of New York along the parkway.

We arrived in Bristol around 5. Right next door to the next park on our list, Lake Compounce, is the massive ESPN campus. I remarked to Michele that it was locked down like a prison with barbed wire fencing and security checkpoints. There are a lot of sports legends in that building but it is still really just a tv studio right?

We arrived at the park late enough to get in for the cheap evening rate and headed straight for the Wildcat. It was a very old woodie that was built in 1927. This would be one of the oldest coasters on the trip. It was a lot of fun! We next headed over to Boulder Dash! We came here to ride Wildcat but Boulder Dash would quickly become one of the highlights of the whole trip!


Boulder Dash is also a woodie that has been voted the number one coaster in the world many times. It is an awesome ride. As soon as you leave the barn it takes you straight up hill through the woods and at the apex you look down to a sharp right hand turn at the bank. As soon as we hit that first dip we could hardly catch our breath. The next few minutes was  roller coaster ecstasy. The coolest part was the air time we caught on the up and down hills as the lake flew by on the right. I think I even bruised my liver on that ride!

We grabbed a tub of popcorn and a free soda. This park was doing it right in the risk management department–something we learn a lot about in our recreation planning classes at school. Since it was so hot they were giving away their soft drinks. Imagine the money they were losing? Remember how much I said they cost back at Six Flags in St. Louis?


We were back on the road before 7 and headed toward Boston. We have been told that the Boston area traffic could be atrocious and it was even on a Sunday night. We arrived at our hotel after 10 and all the restaurants in the area where closed so we ordered sandwiches and raviolis and they delivered it to the room.

This wrapped up the first week of the tour. We had travelled from one end of the country to the other–Alaska to Massachusetts. We still have a lot more in store. Tomorrow we will go searching for witches in Salem and drive up to Portland, Maine for lunch.

Tomorrow: Witches and Lobsters

Coasters to date on the tour: 31

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