Rock n Roller 16: Atlas and Michele Heads Home, Again…

Before Michele heads home again to work for another week at her ‘real’ job we headed up into the mountains to visit a good friend of ours, Jayne, the owner of Rocky Mountain German Shepherds. We were here to pick up a little pup, named Atlas that we are going to be training for a lady in the Anchorage area for service work.

We have done a lot of business with Rocky Mountain German Shepherds over the years. We have bought and trained at least a dozen or show dogs and trained them in everything from full fledged executive protection to service dogs for young kids with autism to PTSD service dogs for a variety of clients. RMGSD breeds some of the finest German Shepherds in North America and imports quite a few from Europe as well. If you are looking for one of the best dogs in the world, contact Jayne and tell her I sent you.

We spent some time hanging out with Jayne and catching up. It had been a couple years since we had seen each other and it was good to visit.

After our trip ‘up the hill’ we had a great meal with the in-laws and Michele got ready to fly home. Before we headed to the airport we had to make a stop at Voodoo Doughnuts. If you have never been, you have to check this place out! They have all kinds of weird concoctions for your sweet tooth.

Before Michele headed home we had a little bit of business to attend to. Do you remember way back at the start of this trip we rented the truck from Enterprise? Do you remember when I told the guy that we would just be visiting family and friends? Well, now it came time to turn this bad-boy in. We have driven close to 6300 miles on our triangle trip across America. True, we did visit a lot of family and friends along the way. That was no lie, but we took the benefit of UNLIMITED MILES to the extreme! I was just a little leery, to say the least, to turn the truck in. We usually rent from the airport and just quickly hand the keys over, take our receipt and walk away, quickly. Not this time. The clerk came outside, inspected the car and wanted to make a little small talk. The little voice in my head kept saying: “don’t look at the odometer, don’t look at the odometer!” Well, he did and didn’t even say a word. In fact, he had another renter lined up in just a few to take the truck. Whew! Can I just say, I love Enterprise rent-a-car?!

I would spend the better part of the week here in Denver. Over the next few days I would have dinner with a really good friend of mine, Russell and lunch with good friends, Ron and Leah. I would drive my father-in-law’s old Ford truck around in the sweaty 100 degree heat and visit my old stompin’ grounds. I would have an excellent meal with Kyle and play a few games of pool at the sports bar and watch the Broncos play the Chargers in a pre-season game.

We called Denver home for almost a decade. We had a lot of roots here, lots of friends and lots of memories. We opened our first dog training center here in town and we still miss living in the ‘big city.’ Things were about to change though. We always stayed at Michele’s parent’s home in Littleton when we were in town. They had just bought a home in New Mexico and were going to be moving away in October. Our oldest son, Kyle would be getting his own apartment and we would need a new place to stay when we visited. We will really miss hanging out here with Ed and Jude, and hope that things work out for the best for them down in their new home.

I would be meeting Michele in Seattle on Friday for the last leg of the Rock n Roller 16 coaster tour but as they say, we would leave some of the best things for last! Over the next few days in the Emerald City we would meet up with new friends and coaster buddies at the Northwest’s only theme park, we would hang out in the woods, eat some cool food, see a comedy show and attend one of the best concerts of my life, Guns N Roses at Century Link Field!

Tomorrow: You’re in the Jungle, Baby! 

Coasters to date on the tour: 92

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