Road Tripin: Whitlock Bay Supper Club

There is not much to see or do in the 300 plus miles of open plains in South Dakota.

My wife Michele and I were treking from the Twin Cities to Deadwood, South Dakota yesterday and hoping to find those sort of things that make trips like this memorbale. We did come across Paul Bunyan’s Boat Anchor right on the border of the two states. I would have to say that is a pretty cool legend.

But as the daylight drew to a close and the gas gage neared empty we knew we needed to find a place to re-fuel ourselves and the van. After a short roadblock by the local sheriff for a “wide load” blowing a tire, we found a place tucked into the middle of nowhere. It is:

The Whitlock Bay Supper Club.

When Michele and I enetered we didnt know if this was a private supper club or your typical tourist spot serving weary truckers and travelers on the endless horizon. It was just this no-assuming steel building that looked more like a barn than a uppity supper club.

We sat down and our server came over to take our order. As usual I ask servers at every place from Starbucks to the finest white table cloth establishments, “What should I have?”

For some reason it always throws them for a loop. Especially the barisitas when I tell them make me what they like. I am not picky.

So, the server at the supper club insisted on the Rib Eye, medium sized.

A few minutes later we were brought our dinner. Mine was a huge 22 ounces of beef. The server waited around and asked for me to cut to my steak and try it out. As I was doing that she proclaimed: “This is going to be the best steak you have ever had in your life!”

I asked the server her name and she said, “My name is Lisa and I have ran this place for 26 years and we want to treat our customers right.”

I have to admit. I haven’t heard statements this bold very often. By hey, what the heck, lets dive in and see if this is a good steak.

Now, when Sam Elliott is thinking about what’s for dinner, undoubtedly he’s talking about the Whitlock Bay Supper Club! The owner Lisa proudly said it would be the best steak I have ever had. Hands down it was! Beef is what’s for dinner in South Dakota! The Rib Eye was a mere 22 ounces and seared to perfection. Great place. —My review on Urbanspoon

If you are ever in this neck of the “woods” you have to check it out. And if you see Lisa, tell her the guy from Alaska sent you…

Click on the Foursquare link above to find the Whitlock Bay Supper Club and get out there and explore your world!