Pretty & Poppin’

Pretty Poppin' cocktail Robert Forto

Delicate by design, this delight by J’Nai Williams asks that you lean in to detect all the surprising, soft nuances of Scotch, which are set afloat by a flurry of citrus and floral scents and flavors. Oh, and one more request straight from the drink’s creator: Do so while feeling fly with friends at the beach or by the water. Her highball is an homage to the women who unapologetically take the bull by the horns in life, and despite a mellow profile of grapefruit, elderflower, and lavender, it likewise struts with a confidence that comes from a base as assertive as single-malt Scotch.


1 ½ oz Scotch

1 oz grapefruit-elderflower barmalade

1 tsp agave nectar

4 dashes (not drops) lavender bitters

2-3 oz club soda


Large Collins Glass


  1. Add the Scotch, barmalade, agave nectar, and bitters to a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake vigorously until it is ice-cold and shows frost on the outside.
  2. Strain the shaker’s contents into a large 14 oz collins glass over fresh cubed ice, then top with the club soda, stirring softly to combine.