Poohs Corner Honey

Poohs Corner Honey

It’s harvest time!

2020 was a pretty good year here at Pooh’s Corner Honey. We decided to keep it small and only have two hives. A couple years ago we had ten and it was too much work!

We do have honey and pollen available. If you would like to order please click here for the honey or click here for the pollen. Please hurry because our supply is limited. We do ship all over the world. We promise you this will be the best tasting honey you have ever had.

2021 Season Intern Wanted!

Have you ever thought about becoming a beekeeper? Each summer we bring on board an intern to learn everything they can about the care of honey bees.

There is just one catch! Once you feel comfortable in the hives it will be up to you to do the hive checks when we are on vacation. We typically travel a couple weeks each summer and the hives will need attending at least once during that time. Don’t worry we will teach you everything you need to know!

This is not a paid position but typically we share our harvest with our interns!

Beekeeping Mentor

Are you a new beekeeper and are looking for a mentor? Robert is a great teacher and will share his knowledge and advice with you for the entire season. He will teach you everything you need to know to be successful at your new beekeeping hobby.

During the 2020 season Robert worked with two new beekeepers and is proud to say that they both had successful seasons!

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Every day supplies:

Natural Apiary Apiarist Beekeeping Suit, (All-in-One), Fencing Veil, Total Protection for Professional and Beginner Beekeepers

Professional Beekeeping Gloves Hornets Glove Premium Goatskin Leather Beekeeing Supplies with Long Canvas Protective Vented Sleeves & Elastic Cuffs

Stainless Steel Beekeepers Hive Tool Set

Bee Brush



Complete Hive

Deep Hive Box [Super] with 10 frames and foundation

For Alaskan bee keepers you will need two of these

Medium [Honey] Hive Box [Super] with 10 frames and foundation

For Alaskan bee keeps you will need two of these


Honey Jars

5 Gallon Plastic Bucket with Spout

Stainless Steel Honey Strainer Double Sieve

Honey Extractor Uncapping Needle Roller for Beekeeping

Honey Refractometer for Honey Moisture


2 oz Honey Wedding, Party, Event Favors with 3″ wood honey dipper and metal bee charm

3 Inch Mini Wood Honey Dipper Sticks Honey Stirrer