One of life’s greatest moments

As a child grows up there are several milestones that mean more than the ability to drive the family truckster.

Our little flea, Nicole, got her learners permit this past Saturday and she is so excited! In Alaska you are able to drive at the ripe old age of 14 but Nicole decided to wait–with absolutely no argument from her mom and dad–until she was 15 1/2. Good choice Nicole.

She said herself, “I don’t know if I even WANT to drive, there are so many rules…”

That all changed once she got that little plastic card!


We headed to Palmer on Friday afternoon after a quick study session in the truck with me asking, “what does that sign mean? Can a person turn right at that corner? There’s a bike on the road, what are you supposed to do now?”

We entered the DMV, Nicole filled out the paperwork and we waited our turn. About 45 minutes later she was at the testing kiosk and ready to go!

She missed five. Bummer. You have to get 16 out of 20 right to pass. She missed some technical stuff like how many points you lose on your license if you are pulled over for wreck less driving? Who knows!

Defeated we left the DMV and made plans to drive to Eagle River on Saturday morning to try again.


We arrived at the DMV around 10 am for attempt number two. We had to wait about an hour and a half this time as this was the only DMV open in the entire metro area.

This time both mom and dad were here to witness this milestone. If she passes.

A few minutes after Nicole walked up to the kiosk she gave us the thumbs up and we hurried over to congratulate her!

10 minutes later we were back in the car with Nicole’s freshly printed ID in hand.


Nicole exclaimed. They have my birthday wrong! What? Yep, it is is listed as July 3rd.

Michele and Nicole hurried back inside while I waited in the truck. luckily they didn’t have to wait in line or we would have been here all day.

On the way home Michele said, “you know your dad has to teach you to drive right?”

Great. This should be fun. I can remember the stress I put my dad under trying to learn how to drive an old Volkswagen Bug in my high school parking lot. I had such trouble with the shifting and the clutch and the steering that I could barely get over the speed bumps.


Nicole will be the first to admit that she is a little short to be driving dad’s Toyota Tundra.

After a few errands around Wasilly I gave Nicole her first driver’s lesson on the mile long, snow covered road that lead from the highway to our house. Before she took off in the truck she had to adjust the seat ALL the way up just so that she could see over the wheel and we took off down the road at a very speedy 10 miles per hour.

We made it home without an accident and now she wants to drive everywhere. Heck she even carries her wallet now.

What are we in for?! If I have my way she wont drive until she is 30. Heck, we already told her she can’t go on a date until she’s 18.

Daddy’s little girl is growing up too fast.

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