NaBloPoMo: Is there any game you are too old to play?

I am participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge for May. It should be a fun one. It is titled: Play.

Todays topic is: Is there any game you are too old to play?

What is the old adage? If it is too loud, you are too old?

I think the same thing applies to games.

I guess it would be unfair to play little league, pee wee football, or possibly whack a piñata at a six year-olds birthday party?

But why do we as adults want to take all the fun away from the kids?

We have plenty of games for just us:


Beer Pong

Spin the Bottle

7-minutes in the dark with you-know-who

Poker–of various varieties that sometimes may or may not involve removing of textiles.

Then we have video games.

I saw an episode of The Simpons yesterday and the scene was Bart and Grampa sitting on the floor playing some sort of Space Invaders game.

Bart was yelling instructions to Grampa:

Shoot here!

Capature that!

Shoot there!

Within seconds grandpa was dead–his video game ship anyway.

And he says,

“Awww, I got on the floor for this!”

I think that about sums it up, don’t you?

What game are you too old to play?


Robert Forto is mushin’ down a dream in the wilds of Alaska. He and is wife are raising two teenagers at Forto’s Fort.


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