NaBloPoMo: How do you play as an adult?

I am participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge for May. It should be a fun one. It is titled: Play.

Todays topic is: how do you play as an adult?

This is simple. My job is my play. I am a musher living in the Great White North of Alaska and I am mushin’ down a dream.

I get to spend every waking moment with a pack of my best friends–a team of sled dogs. Some of them are Siberian Huskies and some are of the Alaskan Husky variety.

I live in the mushing capital of the world–Willow, Alaska. There are more sled dogs than people and enough trails that you can literally go to the end of the earth if you are so inclined.

In the winter I spend up to eight hours a day on the sled training and in the summer we spend–some would call it lazily–doing chores, building dog houses, playing with the puppies and planning for our next racing season.

How can all this work be play? A job is something you have to do. It is something that requires you to get up everyday and accomplish something. Play is the same thing. It is just a job that you enjoy doing.

I tell people all the time,

My life is better than your vacation!

Come on up and give mushing a try. You will be glad you did.


Robert Forto is mushin’ down a dream in the wilds of Alaska. He and is wife are raising two teenagers at Forto’s Fort.