NaBloPoMo: Do you think you are a good sport?

I am participating in the NaBloPoMo challenge for May. It should be a fun one. It is titled: Play.

Todays topic is: do you think you are a good sport?

That is up for debate. I guess it would depend on who you are asking.

I do not let my kids win at games to make them feel good and I have, on the rare occasion, made a grown man cry when participating in any sport of the backyard variety.

As I have said in my previous posts I am uber-competitive and that is a trait that is either desired or scorned in today’s society.

I firmly agree that  there are no points for second place.

Think about it?

Who came in second in this year’s Kentucky Derby?

Who was second in the NBA Finals?

Who was the runner up on this season of The Voice?

Who was not voted the Celebrity Apprentice this past weekend?

Unless you are on American Idol, I don’t think coming in second place has many perks. Do you?

Does all of this make me a bad sport?


After every game I will always shake the hand of my opponent and tell them “good game.” I will offer a hand to a guy on the field. I will congratulate them for a job well done if they score, knock me down, throw a pick on me or otherwise leave me in the dust.

So in this world of win at all costs in everything from school to sports to business it is not if you win or lose but how you play the game.


Robert Forto is mushin’ down a dream in the wilds of Alaska. He and is wife are raising two teenagers at Forto’s Fort.



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