NaBloPoMo: Daddy-Daughter Days

With no prompt in sight for today on our monthly blog challenge at NaBloPoMo I thought I would take the time to introduce the world to my daughter. Her name is Nicole and she is like me in so many ways its not even funny. No, I am not taking away anything from the other two kids, they are boys. I will introduce you to them another day…

Just look at this little girl in this photo. Isn’t she cute? Her rosy cheeks and big smile? Of course she is. But don’t let this cute little girl in the purple parka fool you. She takes after her daddy.

Some of my fondest memories are driving in my truck and looking back and seeing this little three year old rocking out to White Zombie and Metallica in her car seat. Clutching her little sippy cup and occasionally a handful of Cheerios that would go flying across the cab.

Another day I can recall a daddy-daughter day were we drove down the mountain in my little Datsun Z and headed to Taco Bell. That day I gave her a dollar and she gave it right back. I wrote a little secret that only she and I know and I still carry it in my wallet to this day–almost twelve years later.

As she grew up she would sit with me in my in my La-Z-Boy and we would watch horror movies together. In fact, her first movie was Candyman.

So many memories and they sure grow up fast. 

I know what you are thinking. I corrupted my child. Hardly. She is growing up to be a great little student that writes music, enjoys cooking, and becoming fluent in French. She still loves hard rock and I was so thankful to take her first concert; a music festival that hosted one of her favorite bands, TOOL, headlined.

Sure I went against the grain of all those popular parenting books and myriad advice columns that proliferate the web. Who needs that crap?

Not me? Why? Because I know, and Nicole knows, that she is still daddy’s little girl and to me that is something you just can’t learn from Elizabeth Pantley (Perfect Parenting)…

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