My little girl is coming home!

It is hard to believe but in less than two weeks my little girl is coming home! Nicole and I started this Alaska adventure almost a year and a half ago when she and I flew up here to look at a house that would soon become our home.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon on July 4th weekend and we had just one task: to see if this house could be the future of our dreams. I brought Nicole along to help me make the decision while Michele and Tyler waited back in Denver for news.

We looked around the house and I left the decision squarely on the shoulders of a 12 year old. I said, “Nicole, if you want to move here, text your mom.”

She did saying: We have to move here!

If you are a rabid reader of this blog you know the story by now. I moved here in August of 2010 and worked on the house and running sled dogs. It was a tough year. I missed my family and spending time with them around the holidays.

In June my son, Tyler moved up and we worked together all summer on the house and running dogs.

In September Michele arrived. There was just one condition. Nicole was to stay back in Colorado with her grandparents in case Michele couldn’t find a job and had to go back to Colorado. She had to enroll in high school and all of us thought it would only be right if she entered her freshman year and not move away a month later.

It took Michele almost two months to find a job as a paralegal here in the Valley but she did and is working for a great attorney.

Just last week we got Nicole’s ticket to come home! She will be here on the 18th.

Nicole hasn’t seen the place since that rainy day in July 2010. A lot has changed. She will be very surprised! I am so looking forward to having her home and all of us being a family again.

What better Christmas gift than having all of us together. We missed too many apart.