Mushing Radio

Right around Iditarod time up here in Alaska I approached a small community radio station and asked them if they would be interested in airing a show about our state sport, Mushing, and in particular, the Iditarod.

The station manager asked me to submit a show proposal and he would take a listen. To my surprise, a couple days later he called back and we stared to formulate a plan for the show!

Mushing Radio started on Wednesday February 29th with Mushing Magazine publisher, Greg Sellentin, as our first guest. We spoke about “the state of mushing in Alaska”. While we didnt quite know what we were doing being in the big time studio, far removed from our usual Internet podcasts we didnt even record that show!

The following Saturday we started our daily Iditarod coverage for the 2012 race. I was downtown in the thick of things and my wife and sometimes co-host Michele was manning the mic in the studio with our good friend Alex Stein calling in from sunny southern California.

We aired a show each night during the Iditarod and even a live show as Dallas Seavey crossed the finish line to win the race.

Over the coming months we spoke to all the big names in the Iditarod world with names like, Jonrowe, Buser, Seavey (twice), Zirkle and Mackey.

We have spoken to many up-and-coming-msuhers and even a few juniors with big dreams.

We hope to continue on the trail with Mushing Radio heading into our second season. Hold on, it will be a blast!

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