Mister Fahrenheit

Inspired by Shaker and Spoon

So many of us dream of an escape from the end-of-year madness- maybe even hitching a ride with Saint Nick on his rounds to Saint Martin, where the beach’s white sands are a smidge more pleasant than the stuff on the ground up north. Alex Jump’s old-fashioned is here to usher in some of that sun and has all the elements to make the holiday feel hot enough that even ol’ Frosty might tragically begin to break a sweat. And there’s lively energy to boot: how appropriate for a cocktail named after a character who shows up in a top hit from the rock band Queen. And you’ll be “having a good time, having a good time” with a chef’s kiss of a pairing between coffee and passion fruit, which enriches and tropicalizes spiced rum before a certain Kris Tingle tickles the tongue in the form of jerk bitters.


1.5 oz spiced rum

¼ oz coffee-passion fruit syrup

3 drops (not dashes) of Jamaican jerk bitters

3 coffee beans






  1. Add the liquid ingredients to a dry mixing glass. Fill the glass with ice and use a bar spoon to stir until the mixing glass feels ice-cold (20-40 seconds).
  2. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube
  3. Garnish by floating 3 coffee beans on top of the drink.