Lucky Wishbone, Kissing Irishmen and Sled Dogs

Michele and I headed out early for Anchorage to pick up Hugh Neff’s Iditarod team at the airport. He finished 17th this year and we are proud of him and his dogs for running a great race. But that is a story for another day….

On our way down to the city we talked about stopping for breakfast. Denny’s was our first choice. I know, blah!

Then Michele said, “we should stop there. They are always busy!”

It is the Lucky Wishbone. The little place has been serving up some of the best fried chicken in Alaska since 1955.

The restaurant is on the right as soon as you hit Anchorage on 5th and Karluk St. Its decor is plain and simple and looks like it should be profiled on The Food Network shows called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Even after half a century George and Peg do things the same way–using chicken that is flown in from the Lower 48 and never frozen.

The chicken is to die for! It is made to order and pan fried style. As Michele said, “it’s just like grammy’s!”

Served simple in a basket with fries, a corn muffin and honey–in three sizes:

Pop–5 pieces

Mom–3 pieces

Junior–2 pieces

You can even order gizzards, livers and giblets if that’s your thing.

On a side note, it just so happened to be St. Patrick’s Day and the place was decked out in green and an old guy kept getting kissed. I guess it was his lucky day!

If you are visiting Alaska or just a local that’s wants to get away from the chain fast-food joints, you have to check out the Lucky Wishbone.

You’ll be glad you did!

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