Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

For most Americans the Fourth of July is to celebrate the freedom of this great nation and to be thankful for all those who have un-selfishly answered to call to duty in times of war and peace.

The day commemorates the first place in the world where rule of law and civil society have been established; where if anyone willing to work hard, get an education and learn a trade can achieve a dream no matter what race, religion, sex or national origin may be.

This day marks a common goal of almost 300 million people, no matter what political color they believe in, where we strive for a continental democracy with social and economic equality.

On this day we can reflect common aspirations articulated in a document written centuries ago and presents us with ever present and never ending challenges of an ongoing journey we call freedom…

The day is a re-commitment to doing all we can for our children, our grandchildren and all the generations to come who will enjoy the freedoms of this great nation.

We do it all in the name of freedom in the greatest country in the world.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world!



photo: creative commons license