Iditarod 40: The Trail. Nulato to Kaltag

Iditarod 40: The Trail. Nulato to Kaltag     47 Miles

The final stretch on the Yukon River before turning inland for the Kaltag Portage headed towards the coast. Kaltag always offers a warm welcome. Checkpoint is at Kaltag Community Center.

Kaltag — (KAL-tag) — (KAL) Lat 64.19 Long 158.45 — Population 205 — This town signals a brief respite from the driving winds as the trail from here leads overland through Kaltag Portage to the coast of Norton Sound where the winds take on new meaning. Kaltag is the home of Virginia Kalland, widow of Edgar Kalland who was one of the original mushers who helped carry lifesaving diphtheria serum along this trail 60 years ago. She also owns one of Kaltag’ s three stores. Note: The location for mushers check-in is at Rich Burnham’s house, but the official checkpoint and gathering spot is the community hall about a block away. Please don’t treat the Burnham home as a checkpoint.

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