Iditarod 40: Mush! The Movie

MUSH, a documentary written and directed by Alex Stein, is the first look behind the scenes at the “fine madness of the Iditarod.”

While nearly everything in the world seems to be getting smaller, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race remains larger than life.

And that’s probably why more people have summited Mt. Everest in the last two years than have ever finished Iditarod.

MUSH goes beyond coverage of the race as a sporting event and takes you behind the scenes of the “Last Great Race on Earth” — offering a rare glimpse at a uniquely Alaskan Phenomenon.  The movie examines the tremendous energy and effort (largely courtesy of thousands of volunteers from all over the world) it takes to make Iditarod possible and offers a lighthearted look at the memorable traditions and inspiring personalities who return year after year to Iditarod.

80 minutes
Starring a cast of thousands (of dogs, mushers, race officials, vets, volunteers, and others)

(The movie is still on the film festival circuit, but will be available in several months.)

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