Iditarod 2011: Seven Mary Three and Four: John Baker is in Hot Pursuit…

Lets face it officer Jon Baker on CHiPs was by far the coolest cop to ever grace a Sunday Night Prime Time line-up in the late 70s and 80s.

He made all of the ladies swoon with his knee high boots and his suave, awe shucks attitude.

Jon Baker was born in Rawlins, Wyoming and raised on a ranch. Jon referred to it as “a pretty big spread.” As a kid, Jon raised parakeets. and had a horse named “Old Grey”. It was in Wyoming that he joined the Boy Scouts.

The cop was also a bowling instructor, a sky diver and was always, “workin’ on a book.”

But wait…

Dispatch this is Seven Mary 3 and 4, John Baker is in hot pursuit of winning the Iditarod. Do you copy?

John Baker, the musher was born in Kotzebue, Alaska, is a pilot and motivational speaker. John is always in the hunt for the coveted top prize in Nome in the Iditarod with his best finish in 2002 in 3rd place.

One can see the immediate parallels with the two great Mr. Baker’s. Heck one is the coolest cop the world has ever known.

The other, John is a pilot and his wife, Iva, is a former Miss Artic Circle beauty pagent winner, for goodness sake.

I just wonder in John the musher has a lead dog named Ponch?

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