I shop at Target for Mushing Gear

Every musher has their secrets when it comes to training plans, feeding regimens, race strategy and the like.

But there is one thing that we talk a lot about and that is our gear. All of us have our favorites that stand the test of time and can handle the elements. Whether it be a debate about a parka from Canada Goose, Northern Outfitters or Wintergreen Northern Wear. Or our preferece of boots; Bunny Boots, Neo’s, pak boots or mukluks.

There is a general consensus that a little item that cost less about a buck can be a lifesaver. Knit gloves from Target.

In the past couple winters I have almost 2300 miles on the back of a dog sled. That is about the distance from Los Angeles to Detroit on a set of runners about the width of a ruler. In sometimes brutal temperatures of -30 below, you can get frostbite on your hands real quick.

I have found doubling up two pairs of these knit gloves does the trick and still allows me full movement of my fingers to work the snaps on the gang-line or putting booties on the dogs.

These gloves don’t last too long in these extremes, just a couple of days of chores if you are lucky. I have probably gone through 50 pair already but I wouldn’t use anything else.

When we are packing for races or long multi-day trips we pack a couple pairs in each drop bag so we will have a fresh pair when we need them.

As you can see by the photo I buy them in bulk at Target. While they cost just over a buck in the winter, I found them on sale today for .60 cents for two pairs. I think I bought 50 sets and plan on buying more on my next trip to town.

Already thinking about next year. We mushers do that too.

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