Friends Wanted…

Cue the cheesy music from that show in the 90s about a group of five, guys and gals, from the trendy Village in New York sipping coffee and hanging out in their Yippie million dollar apartment. You know the show.

Now think about it. How does a middle age guy that lives in the middle of nowhere Alaska make new friends?

Sure I have 4500 Facebook friends and a couple thousand more on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. I have friends that are either half my age or twice my age but I just don’t know how to go about meeting a guy friend. You know the kind. The dudes you call your bro, pal, homie, whatever. The kind of guy you hang out with, have a beer, watch the game, heck even golf a round.

Without being creepy how is this done?

It’s not like high school where one day you start shooting hoops with a guy and the next thing you know you are going to concerts together.

It’s not like college where there are frats, football games, chicken wing eating competitions, and clubs.

In my little town there is one bar and it’s not really the welcoming type if you know what I mean. I think there is a lot of dudes drowning and crying.

Sure there are people in my neighborhood about the same age but they work 10 hours a day then have to come home and tend to their sled dogs. By the time that’s done and you grab dinner it’s time for bed so you can get up early for the hour and a half commute into town for work.

I’m a pretty interesting dude. I have a popular radio show, I mess around with insects that can kill you, and I’m a pretty good BBQ’er. But I don’t have any true bros my own age to kick it with.

I have my wife, Michele, she’s my “best” friend, but…you know…she’s a girl.

Maybe someone out there knows the answer to this question. Maybe not. Maybe they are sitting around the house thinking the same thing. If so, wanna go to the Seawolves hockey game in October? I’ll buy the beers!