Fortos Fort: Roof project–phase 1 complete!

“I love it when a plan comes together…” That is one of my favorite lines of all time from a cheesy 1980s show, The A-team.

It took us just three and a half days and a lot of blisters, sore knees and hundreds of up and down treks on the ladder but at this juncture we are complete with phase 1 of the roof project on Forto’s Fort up here in Alaska.

I have to give props to the roofing guys out there. This is hard, physical work. Those packs of shingles are quite heavy, espcially hauling them up on your shoulder while balancing on a ladder on shaky ground.

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I will be the first to admit that I am not used to this type of work. I am more of a “desk jockey” type of guy. No disprect to those DIYers and construction workers. In fact I have a new found respect for them. Those guys rock!

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I think I said it best the other night when talking to my wife: This is not white collar work. Not blue collar work. But Ring-Around-the-Collar work! Hard, dirty, exhausting work.

So, phase 2 begins when we all get back from our sojourns Outside (to the Lower 48). I’ll be ready but I do think I will get a cool pair of those knee pads…