Fortos Fantasy Football: Week 9 round up

It is week nine in the National Football League and that means that Forto’s Fantasy Football is at the half way point. While there is still a lot of football to be played, the team owners need to remain cognizant of player injuries as well as playing their players that offer the most bang for the buck. Hopefully by now the team owners have realized that Fantasy Football is not about their favorite players or teams but about performance on the field.

It always amazes me that some of the most popular players have such terrible seasons in fantasy football. Just look at players like Tim Tebow, Chad Ochocinco, Chris Johnson, and even Donavan McNabb.

Team Updates

Jinx: Heading into the second half I am still sticking with 90% of the roster that I started with. With the exception a poor performance by Vick and Maclin in a dismal Monday Night game versus the Bears, I did have a very good week by my running backs.

Qyainators: Nicole is holding strong in second place but Russell’s Wildcats are moving up fast. In fact, after week 7, the Wildcats were in second place! The Qyainators did have a good week by her defense, The Cowboys in a 13 point performance against the Seahawks.

Wildcats: Russell’s Wildcats had a solid 87 point week and solid third place in the league. As I said, Nicole had better watch out, one bad week by one of her players or a good week by one of the Wildcats and we have a strong running for second place.

Dreamchaser: Michele’s Dreamchaser had a very good 98 point week after a lot of roster changes after Week 8.

Chargers: Kyle had a great 110 point week and he is not even putting forth an effort.

Juneau: Tyler made a big mistake this week. He forgot to move his quarterback, the Panthers rookie phenom Cam Newton off the bye week! Hopefully next week Juneau has a great week. I am sure he will be thankful that the bye weeks are almost over.

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