Fortos Fantasy Football: Week 4 Round-up

The Forto’s Fantasy Football season is in full swing! Nicole (Qyainators) STILL has a hold on first place going into week 5 with a 17 point lead over her dad (me, Jinx).

Team Updates

Qyainators: Nicole continues to do very well with her top QB and receivers earning her top points week in and week out. Her defense though is struggling as of late.

Jinx: Even though the Eagles continue to blow fourth quarter leads and the game I am still holding strong in second place with great play by my QB, the Eagles, Vick. I am kicking myself this week for not playing the Raven’s defense (32 points) but I did play the Jets and they were playing each other on Sunday Night Football in what turned out to be an NFL record setting game for defense and special teams

Chargers: Kyle’s team had a great week earning him 114 points with TWO open positions. I think he forgot to submit his picks. Kyle, get on the ball and you could win this thing! Kyle’s QB, Rodgers earned him a whopping 46 points with a record setting game for the defending Super Bowl champ. Grandpa Favre, are you watching? Your days as Greatest American Hero in Titletown might be a distant memory…

Dreamchaser: Michele’s team had an impressive 95 point week with great performances by her two top wide receivers, Nicks and Bryant but her defense struggled (Steelers) only earning 1 point.

Wildcats: Russell’s Wildcats too had a solid week with 94 points and that includes one of his top wide receivers, Kenny Britt going down on Injured Reserve.

Juneau: Tyler’s QB, rookie Cam Newton continues to do very well, earning him 32 points this week but one solid player can not win a fantasy league. Juneau had three players earning two points or less. Tyler, some trades need to be in order for you to stay strong in the coming weeks. There are still a lot of good players out there.

As we head into the second quarter of the season and the beginning of bye weeks, we can only hope that Nicole’s Qyainators slip and someone can catch her. As always injuries and blown late game leads are hurting all the teams but hey that’s what fantasy football is al about. You have to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

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