Fortos Fantasy Football: Week 2 round up

The Forto’s Fantasy Football season is in full swing! Nicole (Qyainators) has a hold on first place going into week 3 with a 21 point lead over her dad (me, Jinx). Everyone did very with all teams earning more than 90 points.

Team Updates

Qyainators: Nicoles team is on a hot streak with he best QB in the league, Tom Brady. He earned 28 points this week in his win over the Chargers. With two of her players not performing at all RB Willams of the Bucs at 0 points and WR Welker of the Pats at just 2, the Qyainators go into week 3 very strong.

Jinx: My team performed very well despite having my QB, Vick (Eagles) go down in the 3rd quarter of the Sunday Night game against the Falcons. I am not sure if he will be available in week 3 versus the Giants but I have a solid back-up in Matt Ryan.

Chargers: Kyle’s team is doing very well with solid performances by his QB, Rodgers (Packers) earning 21 points and the Chargers WR, Jackson putting up spectacular numbers with 29 points.

Dreamchaser: Michele’s team is a close 4th place with the Chargers with only two points separating her from third place. In fact there is only a six point differential between third place and 6th. Brees did very well in week 2 earning 22 points along with a break-out performance from the Raider RB Darren McFadden earning a whopping 39 points! But the surprise of the week was the 21 point performance by her kicker, Bears Robbie Gould earning 21 points. This is almost unheard of in fantasy football. It usually tells you two things: either the team he plays for is terrible, or you made one heck of a pick! Either way Dreamchaser is doing very well.

Juneau: Tyler’s rookie gamble is still paying off with another great week by his QB, Panthers Cam Newton earning him a well above average 29 points and a great week by the Cowboys WR Miles Austin earning him a cool 32 points but getting injured in the game.

Wildcats: Russell’s Wildcats are in last place with 177 points but like I said only 6 points separate him from a third place finish in week 2. His main RB, Vikings Peterson had a great week with 26 points and his QB, the Chargers Rivers topping out at 20 still make him a top ten gunslinger in the league.

Things will start to get interesting this week with several top performers on our teams down with injuries. Jinx still hasn’t played his number one pick, Texans RB Foster who was his top point getter in 2010. Other teams need to pay attention to the injury reports that are released on Thursday and be careful with “game time” decisions. In fantasy football that almost always means, sit him out that week.


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