Fortos Fantasy Football: Week 12 round up

Week 12 and we are are now in the last quarter of the season. We are getting ready to run our two minute drill-hurry up offense-red zone stand. Where is Tebow when you need him? In all seriousness, #15 has taken the NFL world by the horns. Who could not like the guy? He is a winner, through and through. Who cares if he only throws 10 passes a game—he hasnt had an interception by the way– and he is a true game changer in Denver and for the Broncos. I just heard on ESPN this morning that I guy like Tebow can take a small market franchise like Denver and make them a national team. With #15 under center you will have more games on Sunday and Monday nights than you would if you had a guy like Orton, Cutler or even Jake the Snake winning 10 or 12 games and sweeping the division.

Think about it–America’s team, (no not the Packers) the Cowboys haven’t won anything since Troy but they still get their fair share or the talkin’ heads in the booth named; Al, Chris, Mike, Jon and some guy named Jaws. God, I miss Madden. Don’t you? Turkey Day games just aren’t the same without John and a turducken!

Enough of my commentary…

Team Updates

Jinx: With Vick missing his second game and will likely not suit up for week 13 either, I have put all my chips on the table and playing the one-two punch with the Lions Stafford and Megatron (aka Calvin Johnson). It is paying its dividends earning me 27 points on Turkey Day. I also brought Andre Johnson back to my roster after I released him earlier in the season when he went down with an injury. He only earned me 2 points but that is what you would expect with the AFC’s hottest team losing two QBs in consecutive weeks. I think it is time to call Grandpa Favre! Points: 1272

Qyainators: All I can say is what the heck is up with the Patriots Brady and Welker? They have earned Nicole’s Qyainators more points in the coveted one-two punch in this league than any other. This week alone they earned a whopping 52 points! More than half of Nicole’s total points (91) for the week. Nicole keep it up, little girl, you are doing awesome! Points: 1075

Wildcats: In a wild Monday Night game between the Giants and the Saints, Russell’s Wildcats put up some big numbers. Eli Manning lost the game but put up a very impressive 406 passing yards to earn 23 points. Having a great game for the Wildcats was the Bills Stevie Williams earning 13 points but losing a lot of my respect by his bone-head move with his end-zone dance making fun of the Jets Burress’ shooting himself in the leg. Come on guys, little kids look up to you as role models. It is time to start acting like adults instead of some bullsh**t gangsta. Points: 1062

Dreamchaser: On the other side of the ball from Russell’s Manning was Drew Brees. Putting up an impressive 364 passing yards, throwing for 4 TDs, and running for one, not only broke a NFL record but is also chasing one of the greatest QBs of all time, Dan Marino, for passing yards in a season. #13 is in the Hall and when Drew retires he will don the yellow jacket too. Funny thing is that he was almost a Dolphin when he was traded by the Chargers a few years ago. I guess it is destiny, or maybe some guy named Payton. points: 1034

Juneau: With Cam still not cooling his heels yet earning 19 points for Tyler’s Juneau it just shows you that this is a different NFL than it was just a few years ago. Rookies are expected to play AND perform as soon as they come out of the gate. There is no more of this sitting back and learning for a few years. The NFL is no longer a veterans league.  It is a league of who can perform now and if you can’t you ride the pine. That being said, it opens up an interesting question next year and the undisputed number 1 draft pick being Stanford’s Andrew Luck (QB). It looks like it will go to the hapless Colts. What is interesting is what will happen there with Peyton and Luck. Will the current philosophy play out that I just mentioned or is it really STILL Peyton’s team? We will see in September, I guess. Tyler who will your QB next year? Are you going to stick with number 1 in Newton or possibly gamble on Luck?? points: 955

Chargers: The Chargers have thrown in the towel…


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