Enter Sandman: Silky Soul

Last night’s music experience at the Fort was channel 843: Silky Soul.

Okay, okay, I am a total METRO! I turned it from Full Metal Jacket hard core rock to something that’s–let’s just say a little silky…

We are trying to sleep for goodness sake! Save the head bangin’ for the weekend. I’ll be 41 next Friday. You don’t want to give an old guy a coronary before bed do ya?

Silky Soul, I have to admit was right up my alley with tunes by Mary J. Bilge, John Legend and Andre 3000, and even one from Whitney. May she rest in peace.

We set the timer to turn off the t.v. for 30 minutes and I was snoozin’ before that.

Maybe I am getting old!

More to come…


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