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Founder and CEO of TeleBrands, AJ Kuhbani joins hosts Robert and Michele Forto on Dog Works Radio August 5, 2011 at 2 p.m. Eastern

Denver, CO–August 2, 2011–The Founder and CEO of TeleBrands, AJ Kuhbani joins Dog Works Radio with hosts Robert and Michele Forto.

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“I’ll admit, the ‘As Seen on TV’ people have gotten my credit card number more than once in the middle of the night,” said Robert, host of the program. “TeleBrand’s pet products, like the Shed Pal and the Pet Rider are great for today’s pet owners.”

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About TeleBrands

The TeleBrand Corporation, better known as the “As Seen on TV’ people have been selling products to consumers since the 1980’s. Just recently have they ventured into the pet product market. They have sold every thing from the PediPaws to the soon to be released ShedPal for today’s busy pet owners.

TeleBrand’s CEO and Founder, AJ Kuhbani joins Dog Works Radio to talk about their new and innovative pet products as well as give our listeners some “behind the scenes” scoop about their very popular commercials.

Kuhbani also discusses how enterprising inventors can get their product in front of millions with their Inventor Days program.

Visit TeleBrands Corporation on the web at

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