Columbine, Big Brother and the Darwin Awards

As I have said before, for good or bad, that everything in life can be paralleled to three things:



and A Christmas Story 

On the anniversary some idiot went over the Target in Littleton (just a couple blocks from my in-laws house) and bought a couple propane tanks and walked across the parking lot to the Southwest Plaza shopping mall.

Columbine High School was closed on April 20th, as it is every year to pay remembrance to the high school shootings that changed America forever. It is hard to believe that event was 12 years ago. Kids were in kindergarten that attend the home of the Rebels now…

I digress.

This fool built a pipe bomb and started a fire around lunch time in an area near the mall’s food court. The fire was quickly seen and the mall was evacuated. Anywhere from 6,000-10,000 people are in the mall at that time of the day and possibly more on this day because school was out.

The bomb squad was called as well as the FBI and this nut-case’s pipe bomb literally fell apart in their hands.

To top it off, this idiot boards a public bus and gets is picture taken (see above) and now the authorities are in hot pursuit of their man.

If anyone deserves the Darwin Award it is the Southwest Plaza Pipe Bombing nincompoop. 

Didn’t he ever watch George Orwell’s 1984? Big Brother is EVERYWHERE. Even on a city bus. You can run but you can’t hide. But what idiot leaves the scene of a major crime attempt on a public bus?

That’s why is being called a copy-cat.

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