Choco Facto

choco facto robert forto

As if chocolate could not get any tastier, the Mexican tradition of infusing cacao with chilis, nuts, and spices dates all the way back to the ear;y Mayan civilization. This old-fashioned-inspired cocktail will keep the full expression of bourbon loud and clear with just a whisper of warmth, coming from Mexican chocolate and coffee to prove that old adage true once and for all; when in Kentucky, do as the Oaxaxans do.


2 oz bourbon

1/4 oz Oaxacan chocolate syrup

3 dashes of barrel-aged coffee bitters

small pinch of chili threads






Add the liquid ingredients to a dry mixing glass. Fill the glass with ice and ice a bar spoon to stir until the mixing glass is ice cold. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. For the aromatic finishing touch, place a pinch of chili threads just on top of the ice cube.