Bakers Dozen Badge on Foursquare

A man has gotta have a cinnamon roll every now and then. Today’s there’s a new Foursquare badge just for you: Baker’s Dozen. It honors users who have checked in at bakeries, well, a baker’s dozen times.

The unlock text reads:

A bakers dozen of bakery visits! You must really love the fresh-baked goodness of baguettes and beignets. Why not reward yourself by curling up with a nice croissant?

If you’re wondering how many times you’ve been to a bakery already, check out the category view on It shows exactly how many checkins you’ve made in each category.

I love foursquare’s fun badges that honor seemingly random things (The Fried Check-in is one of my favorites). What do you think of the new badge? Let us know in the comments?


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