Bacon Jam Burger at Spenard Roadhouse

Even in a town of just 291,000 people, Anchorage is a cosmopolitain enclave and and the destination for most of Alaska’s visitors before they head north to Denali or south to the glaciers and world class fishing.

Anchorage is the nations 64th largest city and with that they have all the trappings of a booming metropolis including sporting events, concerts, the arts, plenty of shopping and of course a lot of great restaurants.

I have never understood why so many people go to the same places they frequent at home when they travel. Sure, there is nothing wrong with the chains like: Outback, Lone Star, Applebees, Red Robin and TGI Fridays. Anchorage has all of those. Heck we even have an all you can eat Golden Coral for the stretch pants wearin’ crowd.

But if you are looking for a local place with great food and a fun dinning experience I would suggest the Spenard Roadhouse.

My son, Tyler and I stopped in for a burger the other day and we both ordered the same thing:

The Bacon Jam Burger

The Bacon Jam Burger was a 1/2 pound patty with cambozola cheese, grilled apple arugula, house mayo and bacon jam on a toasted bun.

This was one of the best burgers I have ever had. The textures and tastes were a perfect compliment together. While I was not sure what “bacon jam” was, I quickly realized it was a great way to spice up your burger.

We both ordered a side of “super tots”. Which are your basic tater tots with sour cream, melted cheddar, bacon and chives. It brought back memories of lunch ladies and Napoleon Dynamite.

We skipped dessert but they do offer S’mores!

The burger was $13.95 which is about average for Alaska and the total check was about 45 bucks with tip. Not too bad.

Next time you are in Alaska I would suggest you check out the Spenard Road House.

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