Back From the Dead | 31 Nights of Horror Challenge

For this year’s 31 Nights of Horror Challenge, the Day 27 prompt was Back From the Dead. So many movies fit the bill from this prompt, dating as far back as White Zombie to the master of this sub-genre, George A. Romero. Funny thing is, I watched my first episode ever of The Walking Dead today on T.V. while I was in a hotel room, and I just can’t get into it. As my wife pointed out, “You never watched this show because it was a little too soap-opera-y.” So for tonight’s pick, I am going to go with Romero’s Day of the Dead (2008).

#31NightsofHorrorChallenge Back From the Dead: Day of the Dead (2008).


In Leadville, Colorado, Captain Rhodes and his army seals off the town to contain an influenza-type epidemic. The locals are not allowed to leave the town and the Pine Valley Medical Center is crowded with sick people. Corporal Sarah Bowman was born and raised in Leadville and goes to her home with Private Bud Crain to visit her mother. Sarah finds that her mother is ill and takes her to the local hospital. However, the sick people suddenly transform in flesh eating, fast moving zombies which attack the non-infected humans. Sarah, Bud and Private Salazar get a jeep and head to the town exit to escape from the dead.

But Sarah hears the voice of her brother, Trevor, on the radio and is compelled to go to the radio station where Trevor is hidden with his girlfriend Nina.

The survivors drive to the isolated Nike missile site seeking shelter, where they discover an underground army base.

Our Thoughts on Day of the Dead

It is a pity this movie has to take place “in a small town” why do recent horrors occur in Hicksville, USA? Hasn’t that been done to death? Why can’t horror movies take place in Megapolises like Time Square, where hundreds of thousands of people are in zombie agony? I don’t give a crap about some insignificant small town’s horrors.

4 out of 10


The Radio Station is on the Elm Street. This is a reference to A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984).