As Seen on TV Gift Extravaganza: Day 4

Hey Guys and Gals, its that time of year again– The glorious over-exuberant, hyper-manic Christmas shopping season! If you are like me and love to lavish our loved ones, friends, and family with gifts and hate going to the mall to fight the traffic….

Hey wait a minute, now that I am living in the middle of no-where in the Great State of Alaska, the Mall of America, one of my favorite hang outs by the way, is over 4000 miles away, I will be forced to procure gifts by alternate means.

I have been known to order some crazy things in the middle of the night from 1-800 numbers and a guy named Billy on TV, so much so that my wife has hid my wallet on occasion.

But this year, I am going to showcase some of the greatest gifts known to exist for sale at 2 am. Yes, my rabid reader, I am going to give you the gift ideas of all gift ideas. So sit back and relax, find those credit cards you stowed away during the Great Recession and warm up your touch-tone (or maybe even rotary dial) phone and order away.

I bring you 25 Days of AS SEEN ON TV GIFT EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Day 4 Gift: Wonder File

The Wonder File was actually the inspiration to this be-all-end-all of Christmas Lists. I know what you are thinking: There are 1000s of great gifts out there so why would I want to buy something cheesy for my beloved family and friends?

Too make them more organized of course!!

Just think about it, in this day and age of everything stored on our iPhones, Crackberries. iPads, Palm Pilots (didn’t they go out of business?) and piled high on our desks, kitchen tables and spare bedrooms, don’t we all need a WONDER FILE?

You can even order one for yourself when you order one for that special someone. I admit it. I have done that before. In fact, two Christmases ago I mysterious package showed up under the tree with my name on it. It happened to be a fancy camcorder.

Yes folks there really is a Santa Claus!!

Available today for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling, sorry NO C.O.D.’s)

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