Alaskan Sneakers

Have I mentioned that they do things different in Alaska? 

As many of you know, part of the allure (or maybe even the curse) of living in the Great White North is the constant change in the weather.

Here in Willow, it has rained for the last two weeks or so and I am not talking about a shower here or there. It has been pretty constant for a long time. In fact last year they set a record for rainy days–something like 100 in a row or so.

Which brings me to something that I thought was very fitting to living in the wilds of this great state.

Alaskan Sneakers

Their proper name is XtraTuf neoprene footwear and they are extra tough. They are built for dependability and durability. They are famous in the fishing industry up here and   now they have become mainstream.

Picture this. I saw a guy just today wearing a pair of Adidas athletic pants a button down oxford type dress shirt and a pair of Alaskan Sneakers with his pants tucked inside of them.

How’s that for a fashion statement?

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photo credit: Those Alaska Girls blog

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