5/22/10 Denver Dog Works Helps Owners Live Happily with their Dogs


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Denver Dog Works Helps Owners Live Happily with their Dogs

Denver dog Works, a Denver based dog training company trains all types of dogs-and their owners-in a variety of classes and programs from the working dog to the family pet.

“I have found the #1 problem people encounter with their dogs is bad manners,” Robert Forto, owner and training director of the company said, “For that reason, I decided to take my training in step with the typical daily life of the dog-walking on a loose leash, coming when called, and attention-are my primary commands.”

Forto has trained dogs of all types in both group and kennel settings, but he has found that owners were not getting the full benefit of the training once they left the kennel or the class-with that in mind we offer a lifetime support system for the dog.

Services for dog owners include: Obedience, behavioral consultations, puppy classes, service dog training and placement, protection, boarded training programs, dog trainer career courses, canine good citizen testing, canine athletics, and breeder referrals. All services are done at our school or in the owner’s home, and a free consultation and evaluation is offered for owners who are not sure what their dog needs.

‘I have trained everything from Pomeranians to Great Danes, and always tailor my training program to the needs of the owner and the temperament and personality of the dog,” Forto said. “The most important part of training a dog is to understand the breed characteristics, motivations and drives and to utilize them in the training process. The biggest mistake owners make is to punish without showing the dog what they want. Teaching is multi-faceted-dogs do not learn from correction alone; they must be shown what is wanted, and then praised for it.”

Forto is a graduate of Canine Communication Studies, where he completed a two-year course in canine training in behavior. Forto has done all types of training including sled dog training, service dog training, personal protection, conformation (dog shows), agility and more. “Dogs are my passion and it is a joy to teach them how to please their owners,” Forto said.

For additional information on Denver Dog Works, please visit our website at www.DenverDogWorks.com or call: 303-578-9881.

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