3O Days About Me. Day 6: Most Treasured Item

Today is day 6 of the 30 Days About Me blog challenge that I am participating in along with others from Daily Dose of Toni

The topic today is: most treasured item

I, like any married man, had ought to say it is his wedding ring. But the ring to me is a reminder of the circle of trust and faith that my wife, Michele and I established all those years ago.

I could live without this ring and know that that trust and faith that we have in each other is still there.

I would have to say that my must treasured item is my medicine bag. My grandmother is of Native American descent and I have honored our ancestors by practicing the Native American rituals and ceremonies. One of those being the medicine bag.

My medicine bad has been with me for over a decade. It has been with me on a journey through a sometimes inhospitable world. I have participated and conducted many sweat lodge ceremonies with this medicine bag and it holds thousands of of prayers.

I wear it close to my heart and when I have participated in dog sled races I have placed it around me lead dog’s neck.

The contents of my medicine bag or a secret. But one item I will share. It contains a lock of fur from the day my dog, Ineka, passed over the rainbow bridge.

Ineka taught me many things about myself that only a dog can. He taught me unconditional love and he gave me the strength to chase my dreams sometimes when I thought all hopes were lost.

So with his prayers and in a sense his spirit with me and my team on the trails I know that he is looking down upon me and wearing his silver harness with pride.


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