31 Nights of Horror. Night 24: Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

Cover of "Halloween II (Unrated Director'...
Cover of Halloween II (Unrated Director's Cut)

In 2009 some would say that Rob Zombie couldn’t live well enough alone when he released the second installment of his Halloween tale. Halloween 2 is much more graphic that the first and it starts out just where the last left off with Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton) walking down the street after (supposedly) killing “the shape”.

Zombie has said that the gore in this flick is meant to disgust the viewer. He intentionally made the sounds more graphic and the scenes more visceral.

But what he spent so much time on he forgot the most important part of a movie, the plot. Halloween 2 is everywhere. It is a story about ghosts, homeless serial killers eating dogs, naked breasts and bad acting by several of the movie’s stars. While Taylor-Compton does a great job, in my opinion. others including Sheri Moon-Zombie just don’t live up to expectations.

While Halloween 2 is a stable in our 31 Night’s rotation each year, there are many better movies to choose from. I just keep it in because it is, well Halloween!

What is your favorite scary movie? 



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