31 Nights of Horror. Night 10: The Fields

There are movies that you watch that are just so terrible that you just want it to end. I remember when I was very young my dad took me to see the movie, The Deep at the theater. It was so bad that my dad was pacing the aisles before it was halfway over.

The Fields (2011) was one such film. It was terrible. I rented this movie on a day that Redbox was giving away a free rental for the company’s 10th birthday. I thought cool, I will run over the kiosk and find something new that might fit well into the 31 Nights of Horror theme for this year. Boy was I wrong!

By halfway though I was under the blanket in my Lay-Z-Boy fast asleep and Michele and Nicole were commenting on their dislike of the movie.

I thought it had promise when I read the preview. It said it was based on true events and it did have Tara Reid, Hollywood’s ultimate party girl and famous for her sophomoric movie roles like Van Wilder and American Pie. It you are a guy you know who Tara Reid is. Don’t you…

Anyway, the fields will not show up next year on the 31 Nights of Horror list and I dare to say I will never watch it again. As far as I am concerned it fell off the deep end…

What is your favorite scary movie? 


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