31 Nights of Horror 2017

As always, October means 31 Nights of Horror at Forto’s Fort. It is going to be another exciting year. There will be a lot of movies we have never seen before and some old classics. As always we start out with the cult classic, Trick r’ Treat and end the moth with Carrie.

What are your favorite scary movies? Let us know and we will try to watch!

This year we had several themes going. We started off with some old school scary flicks like Cat People, Dementia 13 and The Monster. We also watched six of the Saw movies and I will have to saw I love the way they tied them all together like, well, a jigsaw. We watched four of Rob Zombie’s movies and caught a lot of them that he hosted on HDNet Movies. And we caught several Netflix branded movies: The Babysitter, Gerald’s Game, 1922, man are they becoming a force in the movie biz! Two of those films happened to be Stephen King adaptations. What is up with that guy lately? Four stories in the span of a month (It, The Dark Tower as the other two).

Here is our list for 2017. I can’t wait until next October!

  1. Young Frankenstein
  2. Dead of Night
  3. Scream of Fear
  4. Trick ‘r Treat
  5. Dementia 13
  6. Gerald’s Game
  7. Carnival of Souls
  8. 31
  9. The Two Faces of Jeckyl 
  10. King Kong
  11. The Monster
  12. Cat People
  13. The Amityville Horror
  14. Cult of Chucky
  15. Saw
  16. Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein 
  17. The Babysitter
  18. The Houses that October Built
  19. Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
  20. The Devils Rejects
  21. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
  22. Halloween: Resurrection 
  23. Constantine
  24. The Last House on the Left
  25. 1922
  26. Demon with the Atomic Brain
  27. Tales of Halloween 
  28. Cabin Fever
  29. Sometimes They Come Back
  30. Saw II
  31. Saw III
  32. Saw IV
  33. Saw V
  34. Saw VI
  35. Halloween
  36. Halloween II
  37. Carrie