30 Days About Me. Day 8: Something I Hate

I am participating in a blog challenge this month. It is 30 Days About Me from the blog Daily Dose of Toni.

Each day we share just a little sliver of our lives so that you, rabid reader, can learn a little about what makes us tick. In days past I have shared my favorite quote, a picture that makes me happy, and even my most treasured item.

Today’s topic is: Something I hate.

There aren’t too many things that I hate except the overreach of government, paying taxes and I guess possibly death.

But let’s not get all worked up into a lather and fuss about things that we ultimately have no control over what-so-ever.

So in the spirit of keeping things light and airy I guess the one thing that makes my skin crawl is those ever-present CAPTCHA codes you see on websites, blogs, TicketMaster, heck even my dog training site has one on our contact page.

Hmmmm. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite?

I mean, really, seriously do we need those things everywhere on the web?

I guess your argument is valid if you want to rid the world of spammers. Well, I got news for you my fine feathered friends, If Al Gore wanted there to be no spammers on the web when he invented it he would have joined the Libertarian party with their free love and passivity.

Back to my rant: I hate ’em on blogs especially, other sites not so much, but when I’m trying to comment and I hit send, and then I gotta wait a couple seconds for the CAPTCHA to load, put it in, and hit send AGAIN.

I guess one way around it is I could set my blog to private so only my family (whom I can count on both hands, by the way) is the only one aloud to read my musings.

Heck even Facebook puts up these speed bumps when I try to post links. Come on Mark, I thought we were pals! I mean, come on! I have 4708 friends on the site and I update at least 20 times a day. I have even paid for an ad for my dog businesses–on more than one occasion.

I thought after more than four years on the site you would trust me by now? I guess not.

Well, I guess there is nothing that we can really do on this vile subject. At least not today.

But dare I say–Death to the CAPTCHA codes! It will make life a better place.


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