30 Days About Me. Day 26: Favorite Clothing Store

This month I am participating in a blog challenge. It is 30 Days About Me from the blog a Daily Dose of Toni.

Today’s topic is favorite clothing store

Let me first say, and I have said it all month, that I am the only guy participating in this challenge. That being said. I love to shop. I have spent enough money at the Mall of America that I could have put at least one of my kids thru college. Maybe two.

I don’t really have a favorite clothing store per say. I love REI and L.L. Bean and Cabella’s. But not necessarily for just clothing but gear for dog sledding and other outdoor adventures.

My favorite clothing store is not a store at all but an online retailer. I think they may have one of two locations but only in Wisconsin.

It is Duluth Trading Company

They make some of the coolest, most comfortable workwear on the planet. They even give Carhartt a run for their money. I wear a pair of Duluth’s overall’s every day in the dog yard. They are made out of fire-hose material. Yes, the same material. It is extra tough but very comfortable.

Duluth also has a unique product called BallRoom Jeans. If you are a guy you know exactly what I am talking about and it is not a formal dance…

You guys have to understand that up here in Alaska we dress a bit different than you do. Our wardrobe consists of Carhartt’s (or Duluth Trading in my case), Alaskan Sneakers and trapper hats in the winter. I don’t see too many skinny jeans or tank tops and I have only worn shorts a few times in the year I have lived her.

What is your favorite clothing store? 


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