30 Days About Me. Day 25: Best Friends

I am participating in a blog challenge this month. It is 30 Days About Me from the blog a Daily Dose of Toni.

Today’s topic is who are your best friends?

My best friends in the whole wide world are the 4710 Facebook friends I have. That’s right all 4710 of them. I can’t have any more best friends because Mark said so. Mark isn’t even my friend. But hey he makes the rules. Don’t you hate bullies?

Facebook has a policy that you can not have more than 5000 friends (and/or page likes). They say that a person can not possibly know that many people. Duh! Way back before Facebook Pages were the big thing for businesses, blogs, celebrities, brands and bands everyone just used their used plain ole’ Facebook account to gain followers/friends. This was may back in the stone ages. 2009 to be exact.

Now when I try to add friends and/or pages that I like I will get a pop-up message that says that I need to delete some friends or pages before I can accept new one because my limit has been reached.

It takes effort to un-friend someone. Plus it’s just plain rude.

Think about it folks. Why do some people take such a deliberate and conscious effort to un-friend someone that they probably don’t even know? Did they say something that you didn’t like. Do they post too much? Did you disagree (oh, forbid) on a post and you got so upset that you hit that un-friend link on the bottom left?

Come on guys! Don’t take life so serious. Facebook is meant to be engaging and thought provoking (at least to me). It is the speak easy club of the 1930s, the sit in of the 1960s, the AOL chat room of the late 1990s.

So what do you use it for? Sending people like me Farmville, Mafia Wars and Cityville requests? I get a bunch of them every day. I am not interested!

Or are you one of those that keeps your Facebook account only for family and ‘real’ friends and you connect socially on obscure accounts like Path, Meetup, My Yearbook, Orkut and Hyves.

I got news for you people, none of your friends–real, imagined, or virtual–are on any of those sites. Just look at MySpace.

So if you want to be my BFF or heck even just connect with me I will have to kick someone to the curb. How would you feel if that happened to you? I know, I know, it brings back painful memories of high school where the popular guys and gals didn’t want to include you in the gum chewing session by their lockers or worse yet you were the last guy to be picked for a game of kick ball.

But I think we should go back to a more simpler time. Way back to the era of one, Mister Rogers. That’s right good ole’ Fred. Sportin’ his cardigan and changin’ his shoes.

At least he wanted to be your neighbor. And if you didn’t want to he even begged.

Those were the good ole days. 


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